Your Chance to Work on a Balloon Crew at the Eyes to The Sky Balloon Festival

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A lot of people ask What does it take to put up a Hot Air Balloon? or How can I get a balloon ride?

Well, here is your opportunity . . .

Calling all crew. We are in need of volunteer crew for the Eyes to the Sky Balloon Festival.
Friendly pilots from 6 different states and over 25 balloons will be participating in our event and invite you to assist in setting up, launching, chasing and packing up. This year we have four special shape balloons that will require 4-5 persons each along with 2-3 volunteers for the other balloons. Volunteer crew should be available for 2-3 hours around sunrise at the launch field.

Don’t know what you are doing?  Thats okay, experienced pilots are there to instruct you along the way, and if you are familiar with the local area roads and/or towing a trailer you may become the pilots new best friend. Have children with you? No problem, pilots love sharing their passion for ballooning with everyone and welcome many helping hands. While not a guarantee, pilots try to reward the hard work of their dedicated volunteers with a flight. Who knows, you too may be bitten by the ballooning bug. It happened to our own local pilot, all it took was once and he was hooked.  Don’t miss this opportunity to get up close and personal with these gentle giants as they put on a show. To volunteer:

Post in the comments:  #eyestocrewforyou and the days you can crew Friday, Saturday, Sunday and if you will be bringing friends post their names too (of course with their permission. The more days you commit to the more likely you will be a special shape crew member.

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Your Chance to Work on a Balloon Crew at the Eyes to The Sky Balloon Festival — 2 Comments

  1. I am 71, and have a home here in Salina. I have a 12 year old Grandson who would love to help but I wasn’t sure if he was too young. Thanks

  2. #eyestocrewforyou I would like to be part of the crew Saturday and Sunday mornings