This is the week of one of the world’s best ATV Events

This is the week of one of the world’s best ATV Events. It is hosted right here in our own Sevier County, it is, of course, the ATV Rocky Mountain Jamboree.

Many people will visit our communities and mountains from all over the world. Our businesses will be busier and it will give us a chance to be friendly and show them what a wonderful place Salina is.
We will have many volunteers helping with the Rocky Mountain Jamboree from the Salina area. Kreig Rasmussen and his brother Kirk D Rasmussen are two of those volunteers. Here is a short video clip of how a ride with Salina’s own photographer Kreig Rasmussen could be a ride you will always remember.

We want to thank Sevier County, the Rocky Mountain Jamboree, the merchants, hotels, food service people and all of the volunteers for the great job they do with this amazing event.

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