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The week before Christmas our volunteer Salina Fire Department did several kind acts of service. On Monday evening they visited homes in the Salina area and took Christmas candy to many homes. They delighted many children and families and spread happiness and joy.

On Tuesday evening they participated in the sub for Santa program. Donations, toys and gifts were passed out to many families who needed a boost for the Christmas season. Many tears were shed as families humbly accepted gifts from others and our brave local fire fighters.

Here are some of the comments from those who received or saw what happened during these kind acts of service.

Raelyn Evan Christensen

If you hear the fire trucks tonight in Salina. Take you’re kids outside to see Santa and get a treat. Salina FireDepartment is making the rounds.

Kandace Kiesel Thomas

I am truly blessed right now and full of so much joy to be apart of such a great community and for my husband my brother my uncle to be apart of the Salina FireDepartment. And all the wife’s that is part of it too. The last two days these men along with the Auroracity Firedept does something amazing sub for Santa but last night was something new they took time even in the rain to go to almost every house in Salina to deliver a box of candy canes over 600 boxes and they did it with such joy in their hearts and tonight I got to be apart of something that know words can describe to see these kids smiles on their faces when Santa and all these fire men and wife’s stop by its such joy it just melts my heart. These men and women put so much work and time unto making this happen for these kids that we all should be very grateful and feel blessed that we have such an outstanding fire these men are so devoted and this is what the true meaning of Christmas is and so blessing I can be apart if it and watch these men so what they do

Jed Maxwell

I would like to tell Salina FireDepartment thank you for all you do for are town. You guys go out of your way donating your time from the Fourth of July to Sub for Santa and all the other great things you provide to our town. Your time is invaluable and you spend it to make our town a better place. Also thanks to your family for allowing you to dedicate time away from them. I personally appreciate all you do. Thank you. Merry Christmas to all of you and your family’s.

Stubby Williams

It’s awesome to see them do what they do it’s much appreciated and exciting for the kids

Bryan Beach

as a former member with over twenty years with the dept. I also want to extend my gratitude to the families that also sacrifice so much so we as members can serve the communities that we love so much

Brittanie Dalley

I love this!! I seen you guys out and about last night and I couldn’t help but tear up. Working at the Elementary school I see so many little ones go without! You are all truly amazing!! Thanks for all you do for our community!

Margo James

They are so GREAT!!!!

Tonya Markkula
feeling blessed with Joshua Markkula.

I have to say seeing this tonight has really been amazing… Sub for Santa we were taking care of kids And they got so excited seeing Santa it warmed my heart….. Thank you Salina FireDepartment….. I haven’t seen anything like this before and to hear that they took someone who is disabled on a ride was really touching….. Thank you for all you do …..

Salina FireDepartment


Last night, Salina Fire Department firemen went out and had some fun. We passed out boxes of treats throughout the community by driving up and down the streets with the fire trucks. We tried hitting as many houses as we could. It was a great experience for us!!! We want to thank everyone involved and we hope we can get the ones we missed next year..We hope everyone has a great Holiday Season!!!!


Laurie Pollock

It was amazing! ! You guys are great! It truly Put a huge smile on are face! ! MERRY CHRISTMAS!! TO YOU!!

Natalie Clauson

Merry Christmas to all of you guys & thank you again for the special treat

Gwen Oryall

We have an awesome fire department! Always going beyond fires!

Luana Mangum Crane

Thank you for all you do for our community! You are appreciated more than you know!

Heidi Dean

Merry Christmas to all of you amazing fireman Thank you for all you do and making so many peoples nights last night including mine and my daughters God Bless all of you

Nicole Westbrook

Salina FireDepartment is Awesome! Always going above and beyond for the community that we all love. Hope you all have a Merry Christmas. Love, the Westbrook Family

Debra Hughes Taylor

Thank you to all the firemen, very thoughtful! Merry Christmas to all of you!!!!…..

Misty Parker Otten

Thank you! We loved our treat!

Lindaandterron Crane

You are a great group of men that always goes above and beyond! We appreciate everything you do, not only for our city, but for the surrounding cities when needed as well. We thank you!  MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Gerald McDonald

Thanks to all of our firemen and my hats off to you all.Merry Christmas.

Barbara Hyett

Thanks to you all what a great service you do!! That’s what Christmas is!!

Margo James


Lisa Smith Torgerson

Just have to give a shout out to our little Salina FireDepartment!!! You made the night for so many kiddos including mine tonight! I don’t know any other town who drives there fire trucks around town up and down with the siren on throughout every street and hands out full boxes of candy canes to everyone along with a Merry Christmas wish… and in the rain!!! We have one amazing community and fire dept! Thanks for all you do!!!

Kristen McGowan Tidlund

you guys did such a wonder thing for so many people! What a true BLESSING YOU ALL ARE  and to live in such a great community as ours that we are able to have such a GREAT thing as this

Nikita Williams

Thank you Salina FireDepartment you made the girls night!! Coming with candy canes to the door they enjoyed the fire trucks! Such a good way to get the Xmas spirit out and about

Chelsea Williams
 feeling blessed.

What an amazing couple days brought on by our own Salina FireDepartment!! Last night they brought treats to most of the houses in town!! Wow never had that done before, well since I can remember!! And tonight my heart is filled with joy!! Every year our fire department joins with our community and does different things to raise money for those who don’t have much and find family’s to give things they need so they can have a Christmas!! My eyes filled with tears tonight when i was at work I watched Santa and the firemen with the fire trucks unload gifts for these kids. made me sooo happy to know that Christmas means more then just receiving but to give to those less fortunate!! Thank you so much your guys are simply the best!! I love living where I do. 🚒🌧🎄❤🎁

Del Honeycutt

This is the greatest blessing I have been able to be a part of. We as firemen of this great town of Salina try our best to help when we can. But this is the time when we know when we go out lights and sirens blazing, that we make a difference in this great community. When we can give the greatest gift there is, the gift of giving. So please don’t thank us, THANK YOU!!!!!!!! for allowing us.

Jed Christensen

Proud to be a part of a great brotherhood! Well done guys! A great sub for Santa night.

Suzanne Payne

You and the rest of Salina FireDepartment crew are truly AMAZING!! Thank you all for bringing so much joy, happiness and Christmas spirit to so many!! Merry Christmas! ☃

M’Shelle Shields Shaw

You guys are so Awesome! Not only sub for Santa how awesome that night before last you took candy canes all over town! We are so blessed to have such Awesome Fire Department ! Well done🏼🏼🏼

Kristen McGowan Tidlund feeling blessed.

Salina FireDepartment 🚒 U Rock 🚒 thank you for being the BEST❤❤❤❤
Tidlund Family

Jeffianne Huntsman

Last night we had the Salina FireDepartment come by with goodies for the kids running the lights and sirens… They thought it was pretty amazing. And doing it in the rain no less.. Merry Christmas to all of you and your families! Thank you for the smile and kindness you brought to my home last night. It was very much appreciated!

‎Del Honeycutt‎ to Salina FireDepartment

Just a little shout out to my Aunt Mary(cousin) and Uncle Phil Carpenter, they donated a trailer and not just any trailer. A trailer that will cool Kettle Corn!!!!!!!!So come the 4th, 24th, Balloon Festivile, and Car Show be ready!!!!!!!!!!. Thank you Mary and Phil.

Melissa Hendricks‎ to Salina FireDepartment

Thanks guys for adding a little Christmas spirit!! My son loved seeing the firetrucks!!

Tammy Lowe Hales‎ to Salina FireDepartment

Thanks for making my Grand-daughter’s night tonight! She can’t quit talking about the elf that brought her candy canes.

Tristan E Dumas

Shout out to Salina FireDepartment tonight. My little guy loves lights and sirens and it was great being able to take him outside tonight to see the firetrucks driving around town giving out treats to everyone. He loved seeing the fire truck drive past Grandma and Grandpa’s house.

‎Laurie Pollock‎ to Salina FireDepartment

What a group of amazing men!! Wasn’t so sure what we did to deserved the fireman coming to are door with a treat and a hug Merry christmas! ! THANK YOU!!!

Bruce Warren

Thanks to the Salina FireDepartment for at everyones house.bringing a treat to help.make.the holiday season brighter!

Kimberly Scovil Dudley

It was truly an amazing experience!!! We live in a great community!!!

Michelle Walker

That is so cool. Little towns do have big love…

Jesse Fugal

That’s the way Christmas should be , great example , Merry Christmas … !

Linda Warren

That was a great way to help us celebrate . Thanks Salina Fire department. You’re terrific!

‎Rodney Mace‎ to Salina FireDepartment

Thank you Salina FireDepartment I may have a blue tongue by morning from the candy canes

RandiBrandan Woodside

Thank you Salina FireDepartment. Christmas spirit is in the air. And it’s stronger than I’ve ever seen. Thanks again for the treat.

Malissa Phillips

I couldn’t figure out what was going on. We’ve been hearing the sirens for about 15 minutes. They finally just got to us. It’s so awesome they do this. I’ve never lived anywhere that it’s done before.

Malissa Phillips

I hope they continue it. It’s pretty neat. Karson answered the door and this cute little boy said Merry Christmas from the fire dept. and have a great year. He was adorable.

Heidi Dean feeling blessed.

What a great community we live in we was surprised tonight with a knock on the door and one of our amazing fireman handing out candy canes….Thank you Salina FireDepartment

Suzanne Payne with Myla Renee Worsham.

Salina FireDepartment… Thank you so much for putting a smile on not only mine but so many others faces tonight… Had a very handsome fire fighterMyla Renee Worsham husband Josh bring these goodies to my door and wish me a Merry Christmas… TRUE meaning of Christmas!!

Natalie Clauson

I want to send out a special thank you to the Salina FireDepartment for their act of kindness by going around town & handing out candy canes to the families that is the most generous thought & sure made my grand daughters night  God bless you all

Paula Willis feeling thankful.

Only in a great community can you find such wonderful acts of kindness!! Every year Salina FireDepartment travels the entire town with Santa!! Pretty great right?!!? Well, this year they went even further, and handed out candy canes to each house!! We THANK YOU!!

Janet McDonald Gates feeling festive.

MERRY CHRISTMAS TO Salina FireDepartment !!!! THANK YOU FOR THE GIFT!! We sure do appreciate you all, ALL YEAR LONG!!!

Trinity M Gibbs

Thank you Salina FireDepartment for the treat tonight! Merry Christmas 🎅🎄⛄

Tina Williams

We heard the fire truck in front of our house, opened the door to one of the firemen, thank you Salina FireDepartment, you guys are so thoughtful! We appreciate everything you guys do for our town! Merry Christmas to all you firemen and your families


Good work Salina Fire Department. We appreciate the positive influence you are in our community. Thank you for protecting and serving us@

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  1. I would like to thank you all and that is the reason I love this town so much it just makes you feel safe and warm the fire department CMS the police department they make us feel safe thank you all