Utah Ski Resorts Open Early and In Salina, Snowmobilers Open Our Snow Season


It is a rare thing when the Ski Resorts open the season early. Our local Salina Snowmobilers opened the season early as well. If you didn’t know it, Salina is one of the greatest snowmobiling places in the world. Our Gooseberry Trail System is known as some of greatest snowmobile trails in the country. The riders say it is  Heaven on Earth.

On November 18th, Brock and Kreig Rasmussen opened the season by hitting the trail. We are thankful to them for sharing these photos with us. They also sent their photos to some of the top riders and  snowmobile magazines. Salina is now the envy of many riders.

They report the snow was “spectacular” and bragged that it was the earliest they have ever ridden in any year.

Salina Utah’s hotels, gas stations, restaurants, and grocery stores should be packed this winter season because of snow like this. After all “Utah has the Greatest Snow on Earth”

Be safe, be wise and enjoy the Spectacular Salina Utah.

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