Salina Utah’s CCC Museum Featured in National CCC Magazine

The CCC Legacy Magazine recently featured the CCC Museum in Salina Utah in its publication. The wonderful magazine shared the dedication of the new statue at the museum. Here is the text of the article.



The dream of CCC alumni is now the dream of those who follow. These statues introduce millions of Americans to CCC heritage across the nation.  They bring attention to the CCC program and the great contribution of the men who served.


This is how we honor…


As enrollees struggled with the hard labor associated with renewing America’s natural resources, they were grateful to have “three hots and a cot”.  With one seedling, or one stone, or one shovel of soil, they were building the infrastructure for the national recreational and conservation systems that we enjoy today.  As they worked, we wonder if they would have thought that monuments would be built to honor the daily labor that became so essential to their well-being.


Monuments tell a story and are a long term exhibit that can be meaningful to many generations. The CCC Worker Statue is a monument to the builders of modern conservation.  One facet of the national CCC interpretive campaign is to strive to have a CCC Worker Statue in each state. These statues stand as a testament to the pride, hard work, and desire to teach the meaning of the CCC in America.


To honor those hard-working young men, Camp Salina (F-32 Camp 479) held a dedication event on July 3, 2017 at 11:00 AM, when CCC Worker Statue #70 was unveiled. The CCC Worker Statue welcomes all visitors and guests to the entry of this historical, dual story site. Statue #70 is the second one to be dedicated in Utah in 10 months. The other statue, #66, is located in southern Utah at Zion’s National Park. Funds for this statue were raised by the Olsen family.

During the dedication, Camp Salina museum restorer Tami Olsen spoke, followed by Dee Hatch, CCC boy who served at the Jericho, Utah Camp DG-26 1967.

Sevier County Commissioner, Ken May; Lyn Christensen, U.S. Forest Service; with concluding remarks by Dustin Deaton, Salina City Mayor. Statue #70 was then unveiled by Tami Olsen, Dee Olsen, Dee Hatch, and Dustin Deaton. Tours of the museum followed the dedicatory service.


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