Salina Utah Police Officer Facebook Video Goes Viral


Once in a while you hear of a video going viral. Once in a great while you may know someone with a video that went viral. But how about this, our own Salina Police Chief Eric Pratt, (on his own time and with his own money) shot a April Fool’s Day video and posted it on Facebook. Shortly after he posted it to Facebook, it went viral. The numbers grew by the thousands. By the next morning it had over a million views, thousands of shares, hundreds of comments.

TV Stations, and other media sources are sharing the video. You may take a moment to watch the video and laugh a little. But check back once in a while and have fun watching the video view numbers grow and grow.

We are proud of our local police officers for their sincere service and dedication to our community and helping us make Salina a Safe and Spectacular place to live.

Check out the video here: Salina Feline Unit



Salina Utah Police Officer Facebook Video Goes Viral — 1 Comment

  1. Just out of the hospital and feeling pretty sick. This video made me laugh so hard I cried. Thank you!!!