Salina Area a Hot Spot for Celebrities

Recently on the Tonight Show Liam Neeson spoke to Jimmy Fallon about his trek up Mollie’s Nipple. This video has been shared on Facebook by many local residents.



Do you think he is talking about the Mollie’s Nipple we can see from our front doors? For those who have hiked the Nipple, it is pretty steep near the end and a little scary.

There were also rumors that Toby Keith was hunting in Salina Canyon. There is good hunting around Salina.

Have you seen any celebrities in Salina? What is your story about your adventures around Salina?


Salina Area a Hot Spot for Celebrities — 2 Comments

  1. Salina is home to one of the best indoor BMX racing tracks at the Blackhawk arena. Every winter, once or twice a month they build the track on Friday, race that night, Saturday and Sunday and then tear the track down Sunday afternoon. There’s lots of fun racing to be seen all weekend long.