Parking-Zoning Laws and Ordinance Reminder for Salina Utah

In response to the many and varied complaints that have come into Salina City, both through the police department and also through open city council meetings, the Salina City Police Department has been tasked with more aggressively enforcing the parking and zoning laws and ordinances on the books. These are the more common issues we are receiving complaints about:

*No parking on the street between Cobble and 500 W on Sandy Ln.

*No parking between 2 AM and 6 AM on Main from 100 W to 100 E.

*No parking between 2 AM and 6 AM on State from 200 N to 200 S.

*No semi trucks traveling over or parking on any city owned streets (except for temporary construction, commodity pickups or deliveries, trash collection, or firefighting). This does not apply to commercial or industrial zoned areas, State, Main, 300 E from Main south, 200 S east of State and 300 N east of State.

*No semi trucks parked overnight anywhere on any city owned street regardless of zoning.

*No vehicles, motor-homes, boats, trailers, or camp trailers left unattended on a city street or state highway for more than 48 hours.

*No parking any vehicle on or within 20 feet of a crosswalk.

*No parking against traffic on the wrong side of the road (specific areas of concern would be on State or Main).

Salina officers will try to give attention to these violations when possible, but often we are called to and spend much of our time on calls for service, writing reports about the calls for service, and investigating and following up on calls for service. As a result, many times enforcement will come down to specific complaints being made, which will be handled as they come in.

If you find yourself being contacted for one of the above violations, please be aware we understand that there are many such violations going on all over town all the time, and one day it will be another person’s turn to be contacted as well. However, there are only so many hours in a day and so many other calls for service and other duties to attend to. We will attempt to be as patient as we can with those we contact on these issues. Please be patient with us as well. This is not a fun thing for us or anyone involved, but overall it is necessary to promote public safety, snow removal, road maintenance, traffic flow, etc. Many times citations will be issued for more blatant and obvious violations that are clearly not born out of ignorance as much as for a lack of public consideration or safety.

Please see the below references

Salina Municipal Code (can be found online)
10.08.020 – No Parking Areas

Utah Code (can be found online)
41-6a-1401 – Standing or parking vehicles
41-6a-701 – Duty to operate vehicle on right side of roadway
41-6a-1408 – Abandoned Vehicles

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