Off Highway Vehicle (OHV/ATV) Laws for Salina, Utah

Off Highway Vehicle (OHV/ATV) Laws for Salina, UT:

*Drivers must be at least age 8 to operate an OHV on public lands.

*Drivers under 12 must be under direct visual supervision of someone 18 or older who has a valid drivers license.

*Drivers under 18 must be under direct visual supervision of someone 18 or older who has a valid drivers license OR must have a valid drivers license in their possession.

*Drivers under 15 must have a safety certificate in their possession.

*Drivers 16 or older must have a valid driver’s license or a safety certificate in their possession.

*Drivers may not operate an OHV while carrying anything that would prevent them from keeping both hands on the handlebars.

*Passengers may only ride on a portion of an OHV designed for a passenger, and only as many passengers as the OHV was designed to carry.

*Passenger may not ride in a position that interferes with the driver’s operation or view.

*Drivers must obey posted speed limits and may not exceed 50 mph even if the speed limit would allow.

*Drivers are subject to the vehicle traffic code. Essentially, they have to obey all the other laws as others on the road who are driving around in cars, etc.

*Drivers and passengers under 18 must wear a properly fitted DOT approved helmet.

*OHVs must be equipped with a muffler (that actually does its job).

*OHVs must be equipped with at least one headlight, one taillight, and a brake light.

*West Main Street and all of State Street are State Highways. For this reason they are not open to OHV travel unless the OHV is street legal, displays a license plate showing it is registered as street legal, and is being operated by a driver with a drivers license (not a safety certificate). Otherwise, OHVs are allowed only to cross State Street and West Main Street, but nothing else.

Parents, if you have responsible kids who are going to and from things around town and they are wearing their helmets and driving safely, the Salina Police Department is not interested in bothering them as they travel. If you have more “enthusiastic” kids who like to drive in ways that draw the attention of law enforcement, we will bother them and then we will come and bother you too. This all comes down to respect for other people. As parents, you know which of your kids can go out and be safe and respectful and get around and which ones are going to drive around a bit more…enthusiastically. Keep in mind that many of the laws mentioned above that apply to drivers under 18 years of age also provide for law enforcement to take action against the parents as well. Please be responsible for your kids and lets keep them and everyone else safe as this ATV/OHV season is getting under way, and lets all have fun and enjoy the many benefits of living where we do!

references: Salina City Ordinances 10.12 and Utah State Code 41-22

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