Miss Mary’s Museum Set to Re-open August 4, 2015

Miss Mary’s Museum Set to Re-open August 4, 2015 Photo by Kirk D Rasmussen

Miss Mary’s Museum Set to Re-open August 4, 2015 Photo by Kirk D Rasmussen

We are excited to announce that Miss Mary’s Museum is set to re-open Tuesday August 4, 2015, after having been totally reorganized, and many new items added. We think you’ll find it impressive and exciting.

Miss Mary’s Museum, located at 204 South 100 East, will be open for public tours Tuesday through Friday from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 pm. beginning August 4th. It will also be available by appointment at other times, and during the winter, by contacting: Sylvia Barney 529-3673, SusAnn Beach 529-7684, Barbara Laier 529-3213, Pam Braithwaite 529-7303, Linda Mickelsen 529-7063, Kathy Anderson 529-7872, Phyllis Edwards 529-7213, or Denise Lindsey 529-7636.

Miss Mary’s is now a community and satellite Daughters of the Utah Pioneers Museum. Displays have been designed to focus on the North Sevier area, from the history of our early settlers to the evolution of the industries that have led to providing a livelihood for our residents. Agriculture, salt mining, coal mining, the coming of the railroad, telephone, telegraph, and electricity are also featured. You’ll find fascinating stories and artifacts of the people, their lives, homes, and businesses through the ages.

Work at the museum will be on-going. Additional displays, stories, and artifacts have yet to be added, but we feel that it’s time to open our doors and share what we have organized thus far, as we continue this exciting work in progress. Additionally, technological resources will be coming in the future as funding becomes available. We welcome you to the museum and hope you’ll enjoy learning about the many interesting and fascinating stories of our area. See you soon.

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