Miss Mary’s Historical Museum Getting a New Perennial Flower Bed – We Need Your Help

Miss Mary’s Museum Photo by Kirk D Rasmussen

Miss Mary’s Museum Photo by Kirk D Rasmussen

We are helping Miss Mary’s Historical Museum with a new flower bed they are putting in at the Museum. It is going to be a perennial flower bed (those flowering plants that come back every year) and our goal is to make it an old fashioned flower garden with flowers that “Grandma used to have”.

This is where we need the North Sevier Communities help. For all of you out there that have perennial flower beds, we are asking for donations if you have any extra babies or extra large perennials that can be split or perhaps you just want to thin your flower beds out and you have some extras that you are willing to donate. We are thinking about Lavender, Salvia, Soap Wort, Shasta Daisy, Peony, Day Lily, Iris, Sweet William, Pot of Gold Bleeding Heart, Phlox, and many, many others.

We would really appreciate your donations!!! You can either drop them off at my house, Callie Carter at 229 No. 300 W. Salina, preferably in the evenings, or if you are unable to dig it up yourself, we can probably arrange to come dig it up. If you need to call me to arrange either, my phone number is 979-5192. If I do not answer, please leave a message with your phone number and I’ll call you as soon as I can. We are preferably needing your perennial donations this week, but of course would take what we can get any time of year.

The sooner the better, so we know what we are working with when we are buildling the flower bed. Thank you for your help and please tell your friends an neighbors about our needs and perhaps they have something they would be willing to donate. Please share this post on Facebook and help us get the word out. If you haven’t been to Miss Mary’s yet, you are missing out!!! Thank You! J.R. and Callie Carter, Carters Yard & Lawn Care, Flower Bed Design and Beautification

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