Jr High State Wrestling

Jr High State Wrestling

Sevier Valley Center January 27th, 28th

Adults $12 Kids $6


Tournament Format
Friday: Round 1 will begin at 4 pm. 3 rounds of Championship and 3 rounds of Consolation will be wrestled.
Saturday: Wrestling will begin at 8 am.
Championship Round will be wrestled as soon as we get to it with a short delay to set-up.

Friday at 3:45 there will be ‘Parade of Teams’ please have all of your wrestlers in team apparel and wrestling shoes to run-out and represent your team. Friday night we will begin wrestling @ 4PM. 3 rounds of Championship and 3 rounds of Consolation will be wrestled. A weight class 4 or less wrestlers will not wrestle Friday. The tournament is of course, double elimination. ALL rounds are 1 minute 30 seconds. They will be wrestled on 10 mats. Five for the Jr. High, and five for the Middle School division. Matches will be scheduled by bout # through trackwrestling. All bout #’s will be posted on bracket sheets located on the upper deck. Each clock will show current bout # being wrestled. The only reason a wrestler should have his weight pass in the round without wrestling is if he/she has been beaten out of the tournament, he/she has a bye, or he/she is in the finals. The finals will be held Saturday as soon as we get to it. There will be a short break at this time to set up for the Championship round. Champion bios will be restricted to weight, Team/School, and participants name. The finals will begin with a parade of Champions, followed by the first four matches. The matches will be wrestled on four full-sized mats, two matches from each division at a time. All awards will take place at the end. We will continue this cycle of four and four until the finals are finished.

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