What’s Happening on Main Street?



Have you noticed the construction work going on in this space on Main street? This spot is being turned into a “Beautiful Green Space” according to Mayor Deaton. The vision of the city is to have a nice clean picnic and rest area with benches, picnic tables, flower pots, ground pavers, a drinking fountain and hanging flower baskets. With the help of area volunteers and our wonderful Beautification Committee the space will soon transpire into a lovely area to stop and enjoy a little time on Main. A big thank you to the Mayor and City for making Salina Utah a little more Spectacular.



What’s Happening on Main Street? — 3 Comments

  1. Finally, it’s going to be used for something. Its a great idea, for all of the tourists that drive through town. I’m sure it will increase business in the area also.

  2. Love to see the business district revitalized. Hate to see closed buildings in disrepair. It is looking much better.