Heartwarming Story from Salina

We received this message on our Facebook Page and wanted to share it. Thank you to the wonderful people that make Salina a great place to live!

“Perhaps you could post this for me, so that more could see it. Thank you!

I would like to express my thanks and appreciation for a random act of kindness on the morning of Sunday July 24th at Mom’s Cafe. My family and I had come to town to take part in Redmond’s Pioneer Day celebration and we were leaving Sunday morning and stopped at Mom’s Cafe for breakfast before we went home. The waitress (a very nice woman who I cant remember her name) brought out our ticket and a few minutes later came back and picked it up. I figured she had made a mistake and took it to correct it, but she never brought it back. Later, she came to our table and said someone else at the Cafe had paid for our family’s meals and they didn’t want to be known so she waited until after they had left to tell us. We were shocked. Nothing like that has ever happened to us and we wanted so badly to be able to run outside and thank whoever did that for us, but by the time we were told, they were long gone. If, by chance, someone reading this did that for us, I want to sincerely thank you. It did not go unnoticed and we will be sure to pay it forward ourselves.”

mom's cafe


Heartwarming Story from Salina — 11 Comments

  1. I was the waitress waiting on the man who took care of your meal. He was a hell’s Angel biker who told me he was looking to pay it forward.. He was awesome and left me an amazing tip and also the other waitress that day too. I took care of my next tables tab to pay it forward also and i seriously had an amazing money making day. I have been trying seen that day to remind myself that people are good and people have bad days and you can’t judge them right away. This man was a normal biker who stopped by the cafe like many have but made a great decision to do good and reminded people there its goods people out there and you can make a difference too

  2. What an AWESOME to have happened , I’m sure this BIKER , will receive great BLESSING for his generosity!

  3. Thats a fantastic place to eat i grew up in salina for many years my self thats a heart touching story

  4. I had that same thing happen to me in Nephi at Denny’s, about five years ago. I always thought it was a waitress in there, because there were only four or five customers and I seriously doubt it was the sheriff. It gives you an Awesome feeling.

  5. I grew up in Salina, it was there along time before I came along (75 yrs ago)…my Mom worked there when I went to grade school, she got 25cents a hour and paid a lady 10 cents an hour to watch me after school and during the summer….we love and cherish the cafe, and are so proud of the owner Sonie who owns it, the waitresses are A-1 they are dedicated. We love Mom’s Cafe and the town it is in…..

  6. You know those BIKERS get a bad wrap. Sure they look a little scary sometimes but I always notice that if someone is in trouble or in need – there they are trying to help !!!!! Long live BIKER DUDES AND DUDESSES !!!!!💙💜💚💛

  7. This something my son and I enjoy doing from time to time. We have been very blessed with a good life. BUT, it hasnt always been that way. There have been countless times in my life angels disguised as ordinary peoplet has given us a hand up by kind word and deed. When my gut tells me to pay forward, I jump on the opportunity. As like myself, you never know what others are going through and your one small gift may be turn their lives around.

  8. What an awesome experience. We, my daughter and her family were stuck in a small town in Iowa. We had been in an accident, and not expecting anything like that to happen, we had not brought a lot of money with us. In fact we were so close to broke that it does not even count. We were at the hospital where my daughter had been taken. The lady in charge saw us counting out our change. She came and took me into her office and said that the cafeteria would pick up our tab and to get whatever we needed. I have never forgotten that sweet lady and what she did for us that day.