Fish Lake Relay coming to Salina August 27

fish lake relay panoNext weekend the Fish Lake Relay will run through Salina. These runners start at the Fish Lake Lodge and then run through 7 mile over the Niotche Divide and then down Gooseberry. At the I-70 interchange they travel along the frontage road and come into Salina where they will have an exchange at the Salina City Park. They should arrive at the park between 10 am to 1 pm. From there the will run along the Lost Creek Road to Sigurd and then along the farm roads to the Richfield City Park. It is a 65 mile mile relay for teams of 6 runners.

Come out and cheer the teams on August 27. they would appreciate the support. We are excited to have this race run through Salina.

For more information or to sign up to run the Fish Lake Relay go to

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