Donation Made to City for Salina Utah’s CCC/POW Museum

CCC Donation

Tami Clark (and daughter), Dee Olsen, Mayor Deaton, Elaine Deaton, Gail Olsen, Jeff Olsen. The Olsen Family made very significant donation to Salina City’s CCC/POW Museum fund at January 13th City Council Meeting.

Work at Salina’s CCC Museum is progressing thanks to donations, volunteers and the hard work and dedication of project coordinators Dee Olsen and Tami Clark.

At this past Wednesday’s Salina City Council Meeting, Olsen and Clark presented a $10,000 donation tho the council for the museum from the family of Bert and Doris Olsen, formerly of Axtell. The funds will be used to further the work, with a completion goal at the end of the summer if all goes well and donations continue.

“Work is progressing well, ” said Clark. “It’s been difficult to do things out there because of the weather, but once it warms up, we’ll be able to get a lot more accomplished.”

Since the last update, all three buildings have electricity, the dry wall has been installed in building #1 and and it is ready to paint. Building #2 has been completely cleaned and the ceiling on the north end will be completed this week. Cleaning has begun in building #3. In addition, new concrete was poured onto a portion of the floor in building 2. New concrete was used to smooth and fill in part of the lean-to in #3.

Hales Sand and Gravel donated the concrete for the floors, with Robinson Transport employees volunteering their labor for installation. Rocky Mountain Power provided a $750 donation. The drywall was donated by USG and Blaine Nielson and crew installed.

“We’re getting a lot of great cooperation from local and neighboring businesses, ” said Clark. “This project is based 100% on donations, so we’re grateful for the continued support.”

Ten benches have been built and donated by local Eagle Scout Braxton Maxwell. Members of the North Sevier High School’s National Honor Society have been out several times to volunteer their services.

Anyone interested in donating or volunteering for the project can get more information at the Salina City Offices.

Previously posted in the Salina Sun

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