Does your family cut their own Christmas tree?

For many families, cutting down a Christmas tree from their backyard National Forest is a wonderful holiday tradition. Before you head out to the woods though, keep a few things in mind.

Permits are available at Don’s Sinclair in Salina for $10 cash or $10.50 if you use a credit card. Permits are required for each tree cut from a National Forest. Permits are available as well in our local Forest Service district ranger office in Richfield.

Check with your local Forest Service office to ensure your driving route is clear and passable.

Be sure your vehicle has the means to access your cutting site: high clearance, four wheel drive, snow tires, and chains.
Attach the permit to the tree from the cutting site and do not remove until the tree is in your home.

Select a tree that is less than 12 feet tall.

Look for a tree in an overcrowded stand to help thin the area.
When cutting your tree, leave less than a 5” inch stump. Do not cut the tops out of trees.

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