Avalanche Danger Rises on the Fishlake National Forest

Wind driven snow has escalated avalanche danger on the Fishlake National Forest. Current conditions are unstable on slopes where large cornices have developed at the top of steep slopes that generally face north or northeast. The avalanche shown in the pictures was triggered by an unknown snowmobiler as the rider rode up the left side of the slope to the top. The weak layer consisted of approximately 2 feet of wind deposited snow on top of the hardened surface of our deeper earlier storms. This avalanche occurred on the Richfield Ranger District NW of the Scout Cabin on Niotche Creek. The Fishlake Forest has a tremendous amount of small short slides that are above the 30 percent slope range, are north to north east facing and load with deep snow this time of year to create avalanche danger. The Utah Avalanche Center is reporting one fatality on the Wasatch on January 21. Be alert, watch for signs of avalanche conditions, wear a beacon, shovel and probe, and Be Safe Out There!

Brock Rasmussen showing size of slabs.

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