Introducing Another Salina Utah Business-Sew Kewl Upholstery

One year ago, Skylar Duckworth opened Sew Kewl Upholstery in Salina Utah. Business has been booming ever since. Things are always wearing out and need repaired. Skylar found a nieche of repairing things that would normally be discarded. When you can repair things at a fraction of the cost of new, why buy new?

Our community of Salina and the surrounding area loves small hometown business. Sew we are celebrating one year of business with this short video for Sew Kewl Upholstery.  Look around your house, yard, auto, RV, ATV, watercraft or boat for something that is in need of repair and stop it by to Skylar soon.

Sew Kewl Upholstery 
40 East Main Street
Salina, Utah 84654

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