Updates of Building Projects – Salina Veteran’s Memorial

A lot of progress has been made on the Salina Veteran’s Memorial. Driving by you tend to miss some of the details. Grass and trees have been planted. The benches have been placed. Many hours of donated time have been spent on preparing this beautiful monument for our town. If you have the time, get out of your car and walk around a little.

Updates to Building Projects – Truck Service Centers

There are a lot of building projects going on around Salina. We are happy to see all of the progress happening around our community. New businesses promote new economic growth. There are three new truck service centers being built near the freeway. These service centers will provide jobs and traffic to Salina.

Where Does Time Go?

It’s always sad to see summer come to a close for our wonderful Outdoor Swimming Pool. It’s official the

A boy in a children's swimming pool.

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Swimming Pool is now closed until next summer.  In a recent survey of the Top Ten things people love about the Salina Area, our outdoor swimming pool was in the top ten.

We would like to take a moment and thank all of the great workers who help maintain the pool and keep it safe.

Until next summer, be safe and enjoy life.