Salina Area a Hot Spot for Celebrities

Recently on the Tonight Show Liam Neeson spoke to Jimmy Fallon about his trek up Mollie’s Nipple. This video has been shared on Facebook by many local residents.



Do you think he is talking about the Mollie’s Nipple we can see from our front doors? For those who have hiked the Nipple, it is pretty steep near the end and a little scary.

There were also rumors that Toby Keith was hunting in Salina Canyon. There is good hunting around Salina.

Have you seen any celebrities in Salina? What is your story about your adventures around Salina?

North Sevier Recreation Punt Pass and Kick Winners 2014

Congratulations to all of our winners!

Boys 6 -7 yr olds Home Total Score
1st Efrain Bernadino Salina 129’ 3”
2nd Mason Pierce Redmond 81’
3rd Rylan Frischknecht Redmond 60’ 8”


Boys 8-9 yr olds Home Total Score
1st Randy Elmer Salina 138’
2nd Wyatt Malmgren Aurora 130’ 9”
3rd Reilly Burr Redmond 116’ 11”


Boys 10-11 yr olds Home Total Score
1st Jesson Williams Aurora 170’ 4”
2nd Gage Nielsen Aurora 163’ 1”
3rd Ryker Frischknecht Redmond 145’ 9”


Boys 12-13 Home Total Score
1st Riley Ogden Aurora 274’
2nd Fernan Elmer Salina 229’ 2”
3rd Krystian Alvarez Salina 208’ 6”


Girls Division Home Total Score
1st Teagan Harward 6-7 yr olds Salina 30’ 11”
1st McKylee Malmgren 10-11 yr olds Aurora 90’ 1”
1st Jenny Freestone 12-13 yr olds Redmond 96”
1st Samantha Snyder 14-15 yr olds Salina 168’10”

Upcoming Event in Sevier County – Rocky Mountain ATV Jamboree

The Rocky Mountain ATV Jamboree is an event held every September which brings riders from all over the world to ride the Piute Trail System. Events are held in Richfield but riders can be seen all over the county.

The event runs from Saturday, September 13 to Saturday, September 20, 2014. Got to to learn more about this event. There are concerts, food and booths for the ATV enthusiast.

Updates of Building Projects – Salina Veteran’s Memorial

A lot of progress has been made on the Salina Veteran’s Memorial. Driving by you tend to miss some of the details. Grass and trees have been planted. The benches have been placed. Many hours of donated time have been spent on preparing this beautiful monument for our town. If you have the time, get out of your car and walk around a little.