Happy Earth Day! Enjoy Your Weekend in the Great Outdoors

Earth Day

Happy Earth Day Salina Utah – Sunrise photo

Enjoy your weekend as you celebrate Earth Day on April 22nd by getting outdoors. There are so many beautiful areas around Salina. There are mountains, lakes and streams so close to home. Springtime is a great time to explore nature. Go on a hike, have a picnic, go for a drive or just look around at the new flowers blooming and trees budding in your own neighborhood. Have a great week as you explore the beautiful things around you.

New 2016 Watering Schedule for Salina Utah Residents

sprinklerThe following is a MANDATORY watering schedule to help us conserve water on the pressurized irrigation system supply. It is strongly advised that you adhere to this schedule as we begin the 2016 watering season.

No watering between the hours of 10:00 am and 6:00 pm

Monday – No Watering at all

Tuesday- Even numbered houses

Wednesday- Odd numbered houses

Thursday- Even numbered houses

Friday- Odd numbered houses

Saturday- Even numbered houses

Sunday- Odd numbered houses

Thank you for your help in our water conservation efforts.


New Salina Utah City Water Project Now Underway

  Friday Morning Concrete Pour 4/8/16start watertankFriday Evening Concrete Pour Complete for Bottom of Tank 4/8/16

watertank floor

Got Water! 4/8/16got water

The new Salina Utah water project is underway. This will be a great improvement to the city’s water supply. The new system will assure a continuous and updated water supply for many years to come.

Photo Credits: Mayor Dustin Deaton