Visitors From All Over the World Come to Salina Utah

A person never knows of all the visitors Salina has in a single day. Unless you see a sight like this one. On July 25th, 2017 a large group of 40 Harley Davidson riders from the country of Belgium stopped in Salina for fuel and snacks at Don’s Sinclair. For a moment it reminded us of the gas shortage days. This group flew to Las Vegas a few days prior and visited several National and State Parks on their way north. From Salina, they were headed to Salt Lake and then to the states of Wyoming and Montana before flying back home to Belgium.

It was fun to see the friendly folks at Don’s treat visitors so kind. Thank you to all of the friendly people of Salina and our surrounding communities.  Photos by: Kirk D Rasmussen names Mount Terrill Flower Garden, Fish Lake National Forest in TOP 5 WILDFLOWER HIKES IN UTAH

Wildflowers in full bloom at the Mount Terrill Flower Garden in Seven Mile near Salina Utah.


Mount Terrill Flower Garden

Forest: Fishlake National Forest

District: Richfield Ranger District

Description: The Mt. Terrill Guard Station is located in Sevier County about 30 miles east southeast of Richfield, Utah. At about 10,000 ft. in elevation the whole 7-mile valley is a nice area to beat the summer heat.

Viewing Information: Over 50 forbs can be seen in flower at one time in a very small geographic area west of the Guard Station. Flowering is between early July and early August. Peak flowering varies from year to year. There is no need to prepare for an arduous activity as one can drive to the site in most vehicles. The 7-mile road is paved. This provides even easier access to the site.

Safety First: Hiking at these high elevations can be strenuous. It is recommended that you don’t go alone if you wish to hike among the flowers.

If you’re looking for the drive-through approach to wildflowers, check out the Mt. Terrill Flower Garden in Fish Lake National Park. You can see an amazing number of blossoms (called ‘forbs,’ if you’re on your wildflower A-game) with minimal effort: drive to the Mt. Terrill guard station, and hop out to hike around in the flowers up close.


Unveiling and Dedication of CCC Statue at the CCC Museum

It was a wonderful day to unveil and dedicate statue #70! We appreciate all the hard work the CCC boys did back then for our community and how that work has benefited us today.

Speakers were: Tami Olsen: Restoration Committee, Dee Hatch: CCC boy, Ken May: Sevier County Commissioner, Lyn Christensen: US Forest Service, and Dustin Deaton, Salina City Mayor.

Video and photos shot by: Kirk and LaRea Rasmussen.