Salina Veteran’s Memorial Progress

The Salina Veteran’s Memorial started as a vision to pay tribute to the veterans who served our country from Salina. That vision then became a drawing and then the work really began.


The first thing that had to be done was to make a place for the memorial. It all started when volunteers gathered to clear the space by removing the sod from the park.

Cutting Sod for Veteran's Memorial

As the work progressed, many volunteers put in a lot of hours readying the ground, building foundations, designing monuments, etc. As the frame for the monument cast was made, children from the local schools were able to help in creating the clay model.

There have been a lot of hands that have gone into this project. To find out how you can help with this project, please contact the Salina Lion’s Club.

Flag at Veterans Memorial

Salina Veteran’s Memorial


A lot of work has gone into the Salina Veteran’s Memorial. This beautiful monument is an undertaking of the Salina Lions Club. We would like to thank all the volunteers for all of their hard work. Proposed unveiling will be July 4, 2014 during the Salina Independence Day Celebration.

Below is a link to information about the Memorial and the Wall of Honor Bricks that will be used for the Memorial.