Visit Salina Utah Ad Campaign

Visit Salina Utah

From time to time we will be featuring beautiful and interesting photos of the Salina Utah area. They will be posted on our website, Facebook Page, and Instagram page. We live in a beautiful community and love to have visitors stay with us.

If you have a great photo or interesting place of interest to visit please share your information with the city office.

Something New with Youth Soccer at North Sevier Recreation

The North Sevier Recreation Department has decided to try something new with youth Soccer, we will be moving soccer to the fall for the Pre – 5th grades. The 6th – 8th Grade JR High teams will remain in the spring as this is when the JR High League plays. We hope this move will increase participation in soccer with the better weather as well as help out Baseball and Softball in the spring.

A full list of the seasons and dates for the coming year is posted on the North Sevier Recreation Page at Also please sign up ASAP in order to start as soon as school gets underway. This way we can run Soccer then Flag Football and Volleyball and so on.


REGISTRATION: July 31st – Aug 12th

Where: Online at or at the North Sevier Community Center (373 West 400 North) Salina Utah,

Divisions: Pre – K $30 Fall 2017 (Fee Includes shirt, shorts, and socks)
1st – 2nd $30 Fall 2017 (Fee Includes shirt, shorts, and socks)
3rd – 5th $40 Fall 2017 (Fee Includes shirt, shorts, and socks)

6th – 8th $45 Spring 2018 (This JR High Division involves travel to surrounding communities)
(Fee Includes shirt, shorts, and socks)

Season begins: Pre – 5th Grade teams will start Mid-August with game beginning August 23rd on Wednesdays and Saturdays
6th – 8th Grade teams will start in February (Games begin Mid-March)

Coaches Meeting: TBA

*Note to all parents. We need your help with coaching. If you are interested or know of someone who is please give me a call or just circle it on your registration form.

Thank You
North Sevier Recreation


Notice of a Very Important Public Hearing Scheduled for Wednesday August 23rd, 2017 at 7:00 pm

Additional information about the upcoming Public Hearing.
The purpose of the public hearing scheduled on August 23rd: Is to make the public aware of the options put before the city council, and then to allow the citizens to voice their choice to the council to help them make their decision on what direction they will vote.
Social media has been used as a tool to inform the public of this meeting and will not be used as a way to add up choices or opinions.
This meeting has been scheduled at the request of the city council. The details of the options will be disclosed at the public hearing. The Salina City Council and I hope that the public will take the opportunity to attend and be apart of this matter. If you are unable to attend, I would hope that you would take the time to contact a city council member personally and let them know your opinion.
Thank you,
Mayor Deaton

Salina City will be having a public hearing on Wednesday, August 23rd at 7:00 pm in the upstairs large conference room of the North Sevier Community Center.  

The purpose of the public hearing is to hear input from the citizens of Salina on the topic of consideration to merge or dissolve the Salina Police Department to the Sevier County Sheriffs Office.

 We would invite and encourage the public to attend and give their input on this matter.

Thank you 

Salina City 

A Short Video Recap of the 2017 Blast from the Past Car Show in Salina Utah

Watch this short video recap of the 2017 Blast from the Past Car Show in Salina Utah. Over 110 cars were on display at the beautiful and shady Salina City Park. People displaying their cars commented on how well this event is organized, and say the venue is the best.

Thanks to all of the car owners, sponsors and vendors, and most of all the event organizers. Huge thanks to Salina City for taking care of our wonderful park. Always remember this is a great family event and admittance is free.